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June 29, 2007


In Maubisse, in the central highlands of East Timor, these girls were playing jacks with rocks on the roof of an old broken-down bus.



June 29, 2007



Hop Scotch

A truly timeless and universal game, which requires only a flat piece of ground and some stones. These kids are on Artauro Island, off the coast from Dili, in East Timor.

Playing on a palm leaf

June 29, 2007

Playing on a palm leaf

I watched these boys in Dili, East Timor, for over an hour – just pulling each other around on this palm leaf.

Gamer Revolution

June 28, 2007

This review comes from the internet, published just prior to the program’s airing: (Note – I, peronally, am NOT into computer gaming,  just fascinated and worried about its sudden ascendancy)

Gamer Revolution: Part One
ABC TV 9:40 Thursday, 28th Jun 2007 MA 

Computer games are a global phenomenon and a $US25 billion a year industry. Over 800 million people worldwide are regular players. Gamer Revolution looks past the hype, paranoia and hoopla to explore the real stories behind the computer game revolution.

Gamer Revolution explores how computer games are not only changing the world, but giving rise to a new version of life itself. The line between the real world and the virtual world is disappearing. Millions of people feel that they have a life inside these games and that it’s better than their real life.

In part one, Gamer Revolution takes viewers around the world from Asia to the heart of the Middle East in search of the most mind-bending stories from the cutting edge of the game revolution. It also features interviews with gamers and game developers including Will Wright, creator of the wildly popular life simulation game, The Sims.

Just how pervasive has gaming become? The US army uses video games to train new recruits and to simulate real-life battle situations in preparation for combat. In Korea, computer nerds are the sex symbols of the 21st century. In Syria, a developer has designed an extremely popular shooter game in which the player gets to kill Israeli soldiers.

Every year, the biggest companies in the industry try to out-do each other in an effort to create buzz for their games. It’s a high-stakes business. The development cost of a new game has almost tripled in a decade. Eighty percent of games fail in the first year, but for those who succeed, the payoff is huge.

Why Games?

June 28, 2007

Last night I watched a program on ABC TV about COMPUTER GAMES, and was horrified by how much they have taken over our “modern world” (more about that program later). I have always had a fascination with “low tech” games, and have been amazed at how universal some games are, being played in somewhat similar forms on different continents, and having changed little over time, either. So, this is my attempt to collect pictures and information about these games, to reassure myself, that we are NOT becoming a world where play is only “virtual” and our children’s heroes and role models are only to be found on a screen.

Hello world!

June 28, 2007

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